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Advertise Coin is a leading decentralized advertising marketplace for publishers and advertisers. Advertise Coin leverages blockchain technology to revolutionize the ad industry and provide user-friendly, efficient, and secure crypto solutions in the advertisement space. We connect advertisers and publishers in an effective and trustworthy way. Advertise Coin has a native token with the symbol ADCO. Users of the exchange can use ADCO to pay for fees and also buy goods and services.

We build a fully decentralized marketplace that provides augmented access to blockchain technologies. We develop an all-inclusive marketplace where you can securely and reliably buy and sell Advertise Coin. The (ADCO) token is created on the ERC-20 standard of Etherium blockchain, the fastest and the most flexible asset standard in existence. The ADCO-serviced marketplace includes easy cryptocurrency payments, making a business truly efficient, transparent, and reliable. Advertise Coin has its ecosystem with several major advertising companies. Our focus is to integrate all companies, employees, and businesses into the advertising market. Our platform allows advertising companies to contact the API database directly and offers consumers much lower prices for services in the advertising market. Advertise Coin is fully transferrable to the ETH network.

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